DragonFly provides a highly efficient service to travellers who wish to avoid the tedium of travel on Britain’s congested roads and inefficient railways. DragonFly operates both owned and managed Beech King Airs which can fly passengers comfortably and quickly direct to hundreds of airports and airfields within the UK and Europe.

DragonFly operates 2 Hawker Beechcraft B 200 twin turboprop aircraft which features a spacious cabin that is pressurised and air-conditioned. The aircraft is rugged and reliable and has excellent short field performance enabling us to use literally hundreds of airfields and small airports that are dotted about Europe.

In addition to the Company’s own aircraft DragonFly through its web of contacts has access to aircraft of virtually every type enabling us to quote for charters requiring aircraft of greater passenger capacity or range. Our 24-hour Operations Team is at your disposal.


King Air 200
Cruising Level: FL280
Cruising speed: 280knots
7 Passengers
185kg luggage capacity


King Air B200SE
Cruising Level: FL280
Cruising speed: 280knots
7 Passengers
250kg luggage capacity

Fly to your Schedule / No Check-In / Multi-Crew Operation

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