Empty ​ Legs

Using an "Empty Leg" can be an extremely economical means of travel.
Empty legs are the flights by which an aircraft flies to a distant airport to collect passengers and then take them to their intended destination, or when it takes passengers to their destination and returns without passengers to its UK base.
As the principal charter price will have included an element to cover the empty positioning leg, such legs can be sold as a secondary charter should the empty leg coincide with a journey that the client wishes to make.

Details of forthcoming empty legs are shown in the table on this page. The cost of empty legs is low and potential clients are advised to check availability to and from popular destinations such as Paris, Nice and Palma.

Our aircraft will generally, (but not always) position to or from Cardiff. Subject to crew flight duty considerations it is often possible to divert the aircraft from its planned direct route to an intermediate airport. In such circumstances the price we quote for the empty leg will include the cost of any extra flying time and the additional airport landing and handling fees.

Available ​​ Empty Legs